CF log 11/07/16 (Mon)


10 x 2 snatch balance [35kg worked to 49.1kg]

EMOM squat snatch –
3:00 5 reps [35kg]
3:00 3 reps [35kg]
3:00 1 rep  [2x 40kg, 42.5kg]

Stayed with the same weight for 5 and 3 reps cos the 35kg was really heavy for the 5 reps.. so didn’t wanna add anymore for the 3 reps haha. And anw didn’t really have time to change the weights for the 3 reps :P

Weights are so weird today cos we used the 10kg plates instead of 25# plates :P


4 rounds –
15 OHS [(95#)]
10 pull-ups

The OHS felt so heavy :/ and my back felt so achy… I thought it recovered from Saturday’s deadlifts already!! Not sure how long I took to finish but I was the last T_T Everytime there’s heavy-ish OHS I’ll be damn slow. SIGH.

Rested for a bit and went on to Smolov. Quite crazy today with 10 sets D: So mentally challenging

Smolov Jr.

10 x 3 front squats @ 85% [150#]

I missed the 3rd rep of the 9th set, but just counted it anyway. I REALLY COULDN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE D: hahahah.


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