CF log 12/07/16 (Tue)


4 x 10 weighted GHD [6kg medicine ball]
4 x 10 weighted back extension [6kg medicine ball]

5 x 1 3-position squat snatch [28.6kg worked to 2x 40.2kg]


4 rounds –
10 pull ups + 10 ring dips (rx: 5 ring MUs)
5 power cleans (50kg) [51.8kg]
10-cal row

I think my ring dips sorta improved cos I can string more at once. But maybe I don’t hit the full range of motion :/ Like my elbows don’t bend enough to the bottom position hmm. Why are ring dips still so hard after so long?!! Actually pull-ups too; but I’d rather do that over ring dips haha.

After class, back to Smolov. This week’s weights will be 5# heavier than what was used last week for the same rep scheme!

Smolov Jr.

Week 2 Day 1 –
6 x 6 front squat [135#]

I really prefer 6 x6 days over 10 x 3 haha.


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