CF log 14/07/16 (Thu)


3 rounds –
20 KB OHS [(8kg)] (10 reps hold OH with right, 10 reps hold OH with left)
10 TTB
20 barbell ‘good morning’


7 x 1 paused (at knee) power snatch [33.6kg worked to 3x 45.2kg]


21 C&J (50kg) [55kg]
15 box jumps [(24″)]
18 pull-up + 18 ring dip (rx: 9 bar MU)

Coach made me use rx+ for C&Js cos she said I needa train cleans D: There’s a 1RM squat clean event in AFT.

After class, we also did –

5 x 10 GHR

And it’s Smolov day. Legs were quite “suan” from doing the GHRs but TAHAN hahaha.

Smolov Jr.

Week 2 Day 2 –
7 x 5 front squat [140#]

Breakfast at breadtalk HQ with Anny, Jon, Clark and coaches after! We sat there and talked/gossiped over food for like 2 hrs?! Talked till the sky turned dark and we wanted to leave before it rained hahaha.


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