CF log 16/07/16 (Sat)

Partner wod day! I really hope it stays this way — every sat = partner wod. Cos it is pretty fun (of course provided my usual partner comes; otherwise it won’t be as fun hahaha).

In pairs –
100 thrusters [(105#)]
80 pull-ups
60 wall balls [(6kg)]
40-cal row
20 burpees

Anny and I split the reps evenly. Thrusters were the worst actually; everything else was quite ok? When we reached the rowing we started doing the movements together cos we already took too long for the front part (thanks to thrusters) hahaha.

Rested quite a bit before doing smolov. So warm-up for 2 sets first. Actually during the warm up, my whole body already felt quite tight and fatigued ^^” But.. maybe pain is really weakness leaving the body! (like David likes to say HAHA). So press on if you can :D And anyway, it’s just 3 reps today (well, but for 10 sets…..).

Smolov Jr.

Week 2 Day 4 –
10 x 3 front squats [150#]

It was supposed to be 5# heavier than last week, i.e. 155#. But I really think I wouldn’t have made it. So I stuck to the same weight as the last. Anyway according to my smolov programming, I should have done smth like 147.5# last week and 152.5# this week. So I actually did a teeny bit heavier for last week’s program and a teeny bit lighter for this week. Guess that evens out right??? :P

Well good thing is I made all the reps count this week!! I think I missed one or two last week at this 150# weight haha.

Wanted it to be a rest day tmr but I think I ate too much ice-cream today and I feel rather guilty…. :/ Anyway I’ll still be going to the box (rest day or not) at 11am for AFT team practice so guess throwing in a wod won’t really make a diff. And it’s not like I have anything to do in the morning hahaha.

So, gonna go for the 9am class then rest for an hour before team prac at 11! Oh and I remembered that I needa sell smth at sgoon mrt at 1030am; so can’t go for the 10am class.


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