CF log 18/07/16 (Mon)

I was really really contemplating not going for wod today cos my shoulders, arms and back felt kinda tired and achy. But I had the impression that today’s wod would be ok (cos I saw it on Saturday morning and don’t remember thinking it was killer), and I wanted to do smolov. Afterall, I was already awake when having this inner debate (to go or not to go) with myself; so I just got up and went.


8 x 4 front squats [4x 55.8kg, 2x 60.8kg, 2x 64.9kg]

Kinda slacked on this one cos I knew I would be doing more front squats for smolov later :P

Every 1:30 for 12:00 squat snatch –
[33.6kg worked to 51.8kg]

Matched my 1 squat snatch weight with yesterday’s, and it was quite smooth! So pretty happy about that :) Hope this weight gets consistent!


7 rounds –
12 KB swing [24kg]
12 GHDs
Shuttle sprint (I think it was about 100m?)

Did it at quite an easy pace. Strung all my KB swings :)  Idk why there was no rx weight on the board today, so I just did what I thought would be the rx haha; should be right cos it’s quite little reps per round~

Smolov Jr.

Week 3 Day 1 –
6 x 6 front squats [135#]

I did the same weight as last week’s 6 x 6 cos I did a heavier weight than I was supposed to last week. Decided to just get back to the programming and follow the actual weights instead of adding :P If I added, would run into the same situation as last week where my 7 x 5 day’s weight is the same as the 6 x 6 day.. (P.S. I did increase the weight a teeny bit for the 7 x 4 day last week so that it was heavier than my 6 x 6 day but lighter than the 8 x 4 day haha).


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