CF log 19/07/16 (Tue)


5 x 3-position snatch [28.6kg, 2x 37.7kg, 2x 42.7kg]
10:00 EMOM 3 transitional ring MUs

I actually didn’t wanna count the 28.6kg set for snatches cos it was sort of a warm-up. But I did anyway cos I kept missing my last set at 45.2kg -.- Tried twice and both failed at the first rep D: Maybe there has just been too many snatches the past few days? Strangely, I’m not super disappointed about it though… haha.

Did the MUs after wod.


50′ farmers carry [(24kg a side)]
10 DB snatches (5L, 5R) [(20kg)]
20-cal assault bike
50′ farmers carry
10 DB snatches
40 GHDs
60 wall balls
50′ farmers carry
10 DB snatches

It was not toooo bad cos I did everything at quite a steady pace hahaha. Didn’t really rush or push very hard for any of the movements :P

Smolov Jr.

Week 3 Day 2 –
7 x 5 front squat [140#]

So happy that tmr’s a rest day from smolov! I’m gonna try out my 1 RM squat clean after class and get a chance to practice my TTB during wod tmr!! I am actually quite excited HAHA xD

Yakun-ed with fellow chaokeng friends after class this morning, then went to get haagan daaz ice-cream from NTUC cos 3 for $29.9 offer!! :D I wanted to give this offer a miss cos I don’t really eat much haagan daaz to begin with. Plus, I’ve been eating so much B&Js thanks to the earlier B&Js offer at NTUC (2 pints of the core series for $16.5) haha. But the haagan daaz offer seemed too good to pass up and it was convenient to get some pints today, so…. :P


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