CF log 29/07/16 (Sat)

Partner wod –
100 power C&J
90 DUs
80 wall balls
70 pull-ups
60 GHD
50 thrusters
40 burpees
30 pistols
10 rope climbs

Did it with Anny (as usual :D) and split the reps equally! After the thrusters we started to do everything else together instead of having one person work at a time cos we were running out of time! It was a super long workout today!! At 10am, when class is supposed to end, we were still doing the wod; I think at pistols :P When the 10am class started this crazy long wod, we were still finishing up rope climbs o.O hahaha. But it was quite a fun wod! I like partner wods ^^

Supposed to do the last day of smolov today but I was really too tired :/ And my lower back really felt damn fatigued and achy! So ended up playing with one of the member’s shiba inu (he brought it to the box) instead ^^” Shall do my smolov on Tuesday when I’m back at box (resting tmr and monday)! Oopsy resting so many days before the last day hahaha #failsmolovprogramlol


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