CF log 25/07/16 (Mon)

Went for cf in the evening today (5:30pm!) cos couldn’t make it this morning.

5:30pm classes are quite nice cos so empty! :D

I thought it was a pretty short workout this evening.


7 x 3 push jerks @ 80% [51.8kg]


~400m run (2 building rounds)
30 snatches [(65#)]
~400m run
30 OHS [(65#)]
~400m run
30 thrusters [(65#)]

Finished in 17:09. Did sets of 6 for snatches, and 10s for OHS and thrusters. Actually thought I would have been able to string more for OHS and thrusters cos I can do 10 unbroken for the AFT events with 35kg (~83#) hmm. Maybe kinda tired from running??? HAHA.

Actually before I went for class, I checked out what the wod might be and it was double DT. I was quite excited about it! But it was not double DT :P Wonder if it will change tmr morning hehe xD

Needa do the last day of smolov squats alone tmr T_T cos my smolov partner already completed hers today sobsob. Gonna be so mentally challenging the 10 x 3 ><


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