CF log 26/07/16 (Tue)

Did yesterday’s morning wod today! (If not it would be the same wod as last night)


9 sets – every 0:30 1 squat snatch [37.7kg]
Rest 0:30
6 sets – every 0:45 1 squat snatch [4x 42.7kg, 2x 45.2kg]
Rest 0:30
3 sets – EMOM  1 squat snatch [2x 46.8kg, 51.8kg]


3 rounds –
9 power clean [(50kg)]
7 jumping bar MUs (rx: bar MU)
15 box jumps

I think I took about 17+min? Everything was like slow and steady hahaha. Thought my jumping MUs were not too bad today! There was a part where I kept missing the MUs/could not transit. But after that made all the remaining reps count (without slamming my chest too); so quite happy :)

I tried to use my hips more for the clean today, but couldn’t! There was one rep I tried and the bar flew and slammed onto the hollow part above my collar bone (no idea how to describe that part haha) lol. So for the rest of the reps I just did it my usual way… which has very little/no hip drive :P oops. But funny thing is I don’t feel like I am using pure strength/biceps to pull the bar up? It still feels pretty “weightless”.. hm.

Smolov Jr.

Week 3 Day 4 –
10 x 3 front squats [145#, 8x 155#, 160#]

LAST DAY FINALLY. Though the weight I used is quite… inconsistent. It should have been either 155 or 160# all the way but heck, I just counted the 145# set and decided to go heavier for the last set to “compensate” the light first set. BUT I actually failed the last rep of 160# so actually did only 2 reps at 160# ^^” And…. I called it a day heh. It was really such a struggle to do the sets today for some reason?! I was struggling already at 145#?! What even. Maybe I wasn’t warmed up enough for the squats oh well! But whatever it is, I consider myself DONE WITH SMOLOV! :D

Anyway, my 160# squat made me wonder how the heck I managed 78kg front squat for 3 reps last time. Now I REALLY have doubts that I actually did that weight. I probably counted wrongly??? 160# today was about 72.5kg and I could only do 2 reps, struggling like shit ><

Went to Ronin with coaches and Anny after class this morning! :) Got a treat cos Anny’s and my birthday at the start and end of this week hahaha. Oh had a very mini belated birthday celebration for me at the box this morning too. The cake was the banana espresso one with the oaty crumble on top which I like!! ^^ Yay hehehe :D


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