CF log 31/07/16 (Sun)

(Omg, it’s the end of Julyyyy :( School’s starting soon…)

Didn’t go for cf yesterday cos we went to try out kayaking at Bedok reservoir for AFT. We were supposed to try out the 4km run too, but it was a bit late by the time we finished kayaking (started late haha) and two of us had to leave.

All I can say is, wow, kayaking is more tiring than I thought. I mean, I have kayaked for fun before last year in Bali, and it didn’t feel very tiring. Maybe cos I was doing it leisurely. But yesterday, going all out, rowing for speed… it was a different story hahaha. And to sustain it for 1km will actually be quite shag on the arms! We didn’t even try rowing 1km at one shot; only did like maybe 200m intervals… and my arms were already starting to get tired ^^”

So anyway, went for class today and it was a partner wod. Jw happened to go for the 9am class today, so I partnered her cos there was no one else :P

With a partner –
50-cal row
50 box jumps
50 deadlift [(155#)]
50 wall balls
50 ring dips
50 wall balls
50 deadlift
50 box jumps
50-cal row

It’s a wod that I’ve done before at least twice haha? I think we finished pretty fast. Tbh, all the movements are ok for me except ring dips haha. If jw and I did this wod alone, I think we would have managed well too :P

Cos we finished with I think about 15-min to spare (before the hour of class was up), we also did the strength/skill part.

5 x 3 back squat [2x 69.4kg, 3x 74.4kg]

Still partnering jw so we had to keep changing plates every round… oops :P Quite stressful to partner her cos she can be very chop chop and serious when she’s working out hahaha. But she’s the only person I partner who will help to correct my form/give me tips on how to improve in a particular movement. Like for back squats today, she told me that my elbows were too high up and I should be pointing them towards the ground instead + told me the muscle groups that I should really be focusing on when I do the squat. Like she forces me to be more conscious of how I’m executing the movements cos she will watch and make sure I do it HAHA. Which is also what makes partnering her stressful :P But ok, once in a while I am thankful for this little bit of advice!


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