CF log 01/08/16 (Mon)

(AUGUST. The month when school is gonna start :( )

Upper back/lats very achy today.


4 x 10 weighted back extension [6kg ball]
4 x 20 weighted hollow rocks [5kg plate]

On the board, it said hip extension. But from the movement that we were doing, it was the GHD back extension exercise with medicine ball that we’ve always been doing haha? And what on earth were hollow rocks lollol. Sure I had some idea but it was only confirmed when I saw other people doing it :P Cos I don’t rmb ever doing this movement before! Basically it’s just a weighted hollow hold (plate held overhead), then rocking your body like a see-saw hahaha.


15:00 EMOM 1 squat snatch [28.6kg worked to 3x 51.8kg]


4 rounds –
3 rope climb
10 DB snatches (5L,5R) [(20kg)]
15 box jumps

Rope climbs always kill me D: But I think this was more manageable than other rope climb wods I’ve done! No partner to wod with me today; but actually even if she came we would be doing a different wod cos she already did this on Friday afternoon haha :P


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