CF log 02/08/16 (Tue)


5 sets –
3 panda pull + 1 power snatch + 1 snatch balance
[3x 37.7kg, 40.2kg, 42.7kg]

10:00 rowing; alternate btwn :30 max effort, :30 recovery row
[rowed 110+ cal total]


3 rounds –
50 wall balls
25 TTB
10 power clean (95#) [105#]

COULD NOT STRING MY TTB TODAY T_T Maybe cos my shoulders and lats to shag??? (or just #excuses :P haha). It was quite tiring while doing the wod, but I think I recovered damn fast.

Celebrated (belated) Anny’s bday after wod today! The past two days before this I think I was quite annoying to keep asking David if he bought cake yet HAHA :P But anyway yay we had a rainbow cake today! I usually don’t eat rainbow cakes and have a negative impression of them cos it’s just plain vanilla sponge with colouring to me; so like quite a boring cake. But today’s one was actually not bad! Kinda liked the flavour of the sponge :)

Oh and Anny got this honeycomb ice-cream magnum from Xin and I took a bite of it. It’s quite nice! I’ve seen it in NTUC but they only have the original sized version. If they had the mini ones I may have bought it? I prefer mini magnums haha.

Went to yakun for breakfast later with coaches, David, Clark, Anny; and we met up with Bobby there. He just came back from Europe and was telling us all about the food and his experience. SO NICE. MAKES ME FEEL LIKE TRAVELLING TOO T_T But reality is that school is starting and I think my program is not gonna be easy at all :( Who knows when I can take a long holiday again?? D:


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