CF log 04/08/16 (Thu)


5 x 3 push jerks [44.1kg worked to 55.6kg]
*weird weights cos we used 10kg plate with # plates :P

7:00 EMOM 3 power snatch [35kg worked to 42.5kg]


7 rounds –
15 burpee box jumps [24″ box]
5 pull-ups + 5 ring dips (rx: 5 ring MUs)

Wod today was super boring cos it’s just repeating the same two movements over and over again hahaha :P But it was pretty shag while doing esp the burpee box jumps ><

Went to Ronin for brkf today! :) With the same clique as the past few days – coaches, David, Anny, Clark haha.

Anyway, coach told us not to go for wod tmr morning cos our AFT comp starts on Saturday… so I’d most prolly not go? Haha! It always just feels weird to not go for morning wod cos it’s such a routine already :P (unless I’m really super tired/achy hahaha)


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