CF log 11/08/16 (Thu)

My last week of slacking before school starts is gonna be over :((((((( So much uncertainty with a new environment, new(ish) field, new style of learning. I guess I’ll cope eventually~

Anyway, today’s class was pretty shag. Can’t imagine if I had to do the MUs :O It would have been worse! I didn’t even rx the wod’s jerk weight.

*weights are weird again today (like not the usual figures) cos used the 10kg plates hahaha


5 x 3 push jerk [44.1kg, 2x 49.1kg, 2x 53.1kg]
7:00 EMOM 2 power snatch [35kg, 2x 40kg, 2x 42.5kg, 2x 44.1kg]

Actually can’t really remember if I added 1.25kg on each side for my last set of snatches… or stuck to the 44.1kg haha oh well.


15 pull-ups + 15 ring dips (rx: 15 ring MUs)
15 push jerks (50kg) [46.6kg]
50 DUs

10 pull-ups + 10 ring dips (rx: 10 ring MUs)
10 push jerks (55kg) [51.6kg]
75 DUs

5 pull-ups + 5 ring dips (rx: 5 ring MUs)
5 push jerks (60kg) [55.6kg]
100 DUs

Yupp jerks were increasing weight >< I doubt I would have been able to do the last 5 reps at 60kg.. so I started a bit lighter and added every round. We were told that we had to add weight each round; so I figured to start lower? :P Maybe I could have done 5 reps at 60kg, but only if there weren’t all those other movements haha??

I took almost half an hour to finish I think… 27-28min? >< Really did it quite slowly :< Maybe cos there was no one to pace cos no partner today hahahah!


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