CF log 15/08/16 (Mon)

Missed cf for the weekend cos had to go to church!

Feels good to be back even though it’s only been 2 days haha.

But the stress of school has really been getting to me… I can’t remember if it was last night or this morning, I just had this sudden idea of not caring about cf anymore and not waking up early for it, and basically almost like giving up. It was scary to me cos I know it’s because I feel so stressed about school that I really don’t wanna do anything else.. though I know, there is SO MUCH MORE to life that freaking school. And having such a thought – of giving up something I love to do so much – makes me feel like I’m breaking down mentally; cos wtheck am I thinking?! Well, I’m back to feeling ok (for) now. And I will continue going for cf; cos I really need something to maintain my sanity. (Wtheck, barely started the program and already feel like I’m getting Permanent head Damage -.-)

SO ANYWAYYY, for today –


10 pull-ups
10 GHD

Felt like the warm-up damn tiring already haha.


10:00 establish 1RM C&J [60.8kg]
5 sets – every 1:30 1 C&J @ 90% of above [60.8kg (fail jerk), 55.8kg, 3x 58.3kg]

I realised… my 1RM is so sucky today -.- My recorded 1RM is about 67kg?! And when I tried the 64.9kg (55# per side) today, I could only clean but not jerk it :/ Tried twice, failed twice ughhh D: I feel like I’m getting weaker T_T

For the 90%, I started with 60.8kg (lol it’s like my 1RM of the day) cos Anny was using it. But I failed the jerk, hence the drop in weights haha.


20:00 AMRAP –
Shuttle run (~150m?)
1 rope climb
Shuttle run
15 deadlifts [(155#)]

Managed 4.5 rounds (ending with rope climb of 5th round). Deadlifts felt heavier as rounds went by…. haha. But rope climbs were not too bad today! Guess cos it’s just ONE each round xD


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