CF log 05/09/16 (Mon)

Quads and triceps aching a hell lot this morning. But… I HAD TO GO FOR CROSSFIT. I had to cos I’ve missed so much last week :( All thanks to school. Well, a large part cos of school sigh. I was so upset.

So, gonna try to hit my 5x a week again!!


10:00 to establish 1RM squat snatch [54.3kg] – hit my current PR; heavier than last week!
7:00 EMOM 1 squat snatch at 80% of 1RM above [49.3kg] – added a bit from last wk too :)

5 x 5 front squat [51.3kg to 2x 65.4kg]

Actually my front squats still seem quite sucky… :P


3 rounds –
Run 1 round (~200m)
21 KB swings [(24kg)]
12 jumping bar MU (rx: bar MU)

Bar MUs killed me, though it’s jumping. Took foreverrrr. Also, my sternum hurts now cos it kept hitting the bar ><


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