CF log 15/10/16 (Sat)

Partner wod! After no cf for 3 days lol. But I managed to do some rowing on Wednesday :) 5km, 280 cal :D

Shared reps with a partner –
100 DUs
80 front squat [(95#)]
60 hang power clean
20 power snatch
100 GHD
100 pistols

Partnered Anny; and finished quite early.. probably around 945(when class ends at 10)? Hahah. The timer showed 28/29min when we were done!

My first power snatch was such a fail LOL. Idk why couldn’t even do 95# p snatch?! But it got better after that haha x)

Anyway, cos we ended so early, we were told to do 5 x 3 MUs. I just did like… 10 reps in kinda like a 10 x 1 style instead of 5 x 2 or smth hahaha. I used a thin black band though. It’s been so long since I did banded ring MUs and yes they were hard! :P When will I ever get MUs? Or ring dips??? I think I’m just too lazy to train them SIGH.


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