CF log 24/10/16 (Mon)

New week. Week 2 of being unofficially unemployed (unofficial cos school admin procedures have not been settled lol).

Pretty short session today.


8 x 2 deadlift [55.8kg to 99.4kg]

It was supposed to be 8 sets to establish 2 RM; I stopped at 7 cos it really felt like my 2 RM already lol :P Almost 100kg yay! Surprising hahaha.


20:00 alternate EMOM –
10 push jerks [(35kg)]
10 push ups

Happy that I managed to string all 10 jerks every set! :) And thankfully it was 35kg (~85#) and not 95#, otherwise I might have really died ><

After class, we test-ran (past tense of test run? lol) the stuff to be used for Halloween wod this weekend!


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