CF log 29/10/16 (Sat)

Didn’t go for cf yesterday but did 5km rowing and 50 push ups at home :D

Back today for partner wod!

100 HSPUs
100 hang power cleans [(95#)]
100 front squat
100 GHDs
*alternate with partner every minute till all reps completed

Anny and I took super long for HSPUs LOL. Even swapped out to a thicker ab mat after a while cos just could not kip with the flat one! :P Arms were really quite tired by all the HSPUs hahaha. I think we did ok for the rest; though I think Anny mostly did 50+ and I did 40+? :P We took about 32:00 to finished everything ><

Went for breakfast at the coffee shop nearby after wod! :D

Anyway, Halloween wod tmr!! EXCITING :D


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