CF log 30/10/16 (Sun)

Halloween wod day!!! :D

Only 3 people from chaokeng came today, but it was still a fun day, fun workout! We had whacking of pinata this year (before workout)! :D There was one for girls and another for guys; both hung at different heights. Each of us had 30-sec to spin 10 rounds around a walking stick (dizzy!) then run forward to hit the pinata amrap LOL. The pinata was a cute unicorn!!

Only until we reached the second last girl (Whitney) did the pinata start to break a little and some candy fell out! It broke at the legs so people started to yell to hit the legs.. and break the poor unicorn’s legs HAHA :P Anyway can’t really blame us for taking so long to break the pinata cos we were using a toy axe that was SOFT (from daiso) to whack the it! xD After Whitney, the last girl just refused to use the toy axe anymore and just brought the walking stick with her to the pinata and used that to hit it LOL. Of course it broke and all the candy fell out!

Started the halloween wod after pinata!

WhatsApp Image 2016-10-30 at 18.51.42.jpeg

It’s the same trick or treat workout format as last year; drawing from a deck of “trick” or
“treat” cards. The deck of cards changed though! In terms of how it looks (this year they are legit printed deck of cards! Hub actually got the cards printed haha) and the movements for the “trick”! There are some new movements like thrusters (95#), prowler and DUs!! The “treat”s were more or less similar to last year, e.g. we could get free stuff like drinks from the fridge, taichi workouts to others, and 50% discount of the reps of the “trick”.

Anny and I started out with lots of easy stuff like burpees, GHDs, air squats… even KB swings (24kg) were ok. We even managed to get 2 cards for free water from fridge haha! But after all the chill, we started to get more and more thrusters >< We had 4 thruster cards altogether – 10, 20, 30, 60(!!!) shared reps. So each of us essentially did 60 thrusters each today D: I remember that there were DB thrusters last year which Anny and I had a lot of too! And this year, we get so many thrusters again! D: hahaha.

BUT throughout the workout, we didn’t get prowler or DUs haha! I am actually happy about not getting DUs cos I really really don’t like them ><

Anyway, it was still a fun workout day today!! :D :D And I’m glad I could do it with a friend! Prolly won’t be as fun if my partner was not someone close :P


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