CF log 02/11/16 (Wed)

Partner was supposed to come but didn’t T_T So no partner today haha. There was comparatively less people than usual this morning I think! Maybe cos of the rain~


Every :45 for 4:30 (7 sets) 2 squat snatch [28.6kg to 42.7kg]
Rest 2 min
5:00 EMOM 1 squat snatch [46.8kg to 54.3kg]

Quite happy with my snatches today! :D The 54.3kg felt stable… maybeee could have tried for 55.8kg (125#) if there were more sets haha!


3 rounds –
20 burpee box jumps [24″]
15 C2B

Ended class so early today lol; before 7:50am :P

Anyway, left knee felt even weirder today >< Like it feels oddly tight… so had to put on knee sleeve!


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