CF log 07/11/16 (Mon)


5 x 3 front squat [60.4kg, 4x 69.4kg]

After all the cleans and fs yesterday, I guess my back and legs got tired for more fs today? :P (cos less reps, but went slightly lighter today.. and still felt like a push lol)

5 x 1 snatch [37.7kg to 51.8kg]

Tried twice for 125# (55.8kg) but failed both! First time, my right arm was too slow to lock out. Second time, got the bar overhead then lost my balance :P (i guess i swung the bar too fast/too far back…). BUT GETTING CLOSER!


3 rounds –
50 pistols (25L/25R)
7 pull-ups + 7 ring dips (rx: 7 MUs)
10 hang power cleans [(115#)]

Pistols and ring dips actually felt better than usual today so I’m quite pleased haha!


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