CF log 08/11/16 (Tue)

Wanted to rest today, but I was feeling quite sian last night. So I felt like I needed to do something today to make myself feel better haha. I even slept significantly earlier than usual so waking up was not as bad as other days! :P


10-1 wall balls [6kg]
Shuttle run (within box) after each round


100 clean pulls (from hang) [15kg]
10 burpees each time bar is dropped

I split the reps to 70-30. Thighs have some abrasion cos of this :P Anyway, can’t decide if this is considered a warm-up or strength/skill hahaha. Perhaps skill for cleans?


25 pull-ups
50-cal row
100 OHS [(65#)]
50 box jumps [24″]
25 pull ups

Took almost half an hour (~28min) lol. Legs were kinda fried after this! More so than arms actually haha.


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