CF log 19/11/16 (Sat)


5:00 AMRAP “Cindy” –
5 pull up
10 push up
15 air squats

Did up to 4th round 8 air squats. Quite chill haha :P

No idea if this is considered as part of warm-up or wod, but –

10:00 EMOM 10 GHDs

It was kinda partner style as in 2 people had to finish 7-10 GHDs (each) within the minute. I managed 10 each min!


With a partner (shared reps) –
100 hang power snatch [(85#)]
100 back rack lunges
100-cal row
100 ring dips

Lol died at ring dips. Everything else was ok. I only did 35 ring dips; 25 no band, and 10 with band :P Joyce did the rest banded hahaha. Ok, I did more of the snatches though! :D Surprisingly snatches felt ok.

Headed to Toast Box with Jon, David, Clark after wod; yakun was too crowded haha. I got the boluo bun (for the first time), and it’s actually not bad! :D


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