CF log 24/11/16 (Thu)

Back at cf.

I tried to go on Monday evening though my stomach felt a bit weird. I thought some activity would make it better, but apparently not. I didn’t even finish the strength/skill part. Took the time to rest a bit then went on to the wod, which I did not complete as well LOL. It was an amrap, but I only did 1 round and couldn’t do it anymore. My stomach felt so queasy and I felt so lethargic >< When I reached home, I went to puke and developed a fever :P Apparently I had food poisoning lollol. Out for 2 days after that.

Anyway, today was not too bad I guess! It was tiring, but manageable… given time hahahaha.

We had the high knees, butt kicks, lunges stuff as warm-up. Then some sprinting. I don’t like this warm-up at all lol.


100 split jerk drill


5 rounds –
Run 2 rounds (~400m)
20 DB one-arm OH lunges (10L,10R) [(20kg)]
10 DB snatches [(20kg)]

20kg was damn heavy lol. The snatches were manageable; the problem was being able to hold the DB overhead for lunges. Shoulders not strong enough, so wasn’t too steady especially at the start! But it got a bit better. I was still one of the last to finish though. Almost everyone was one round ahead of me! But thankfully we had a lot of time for the wod, so I ended only slightly after 8 haha; before 8.05? :P


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