CF log 02/12/16 (Fri)

HELLO DECEMBER :) Fav month of the year besides my birthday month hahaha. Cos it’s the month of my favourite holiday – Christmas!

Strength day today. Changed up after we hinted some stuff on Wed LOL.

Instead of back squats, we had front squats.

15:00 EMOM front squats –
5:00 5 reps [51.8kg]
5:00 3 reps [60.4kg]
5:00 1 rep [65.4kg, 2x 69.4kg, 2x 74.4kg]

10:00 EMOM 10 RDL

…which I actually only did 8 EMOM lol. But I already felt my back working and it was tiring!

 5 x 3
Strict press (from front) [28.6kg, 4x 33.6kg]
BTN strict press [28.6kg]

The BTNs were damn hard omg lol.


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