CF log 10/12/16 (Sat)

Lower back a little better from yesterday.. so went for wod today! Plus, there was gonna be brownies from Shawn lollol :P

Warm-up was 100 snatch balance D:

Then, in usual Saturday fashion, it’s a partner wod. I partnered a guy today who was actually not bad… like he prolly could have gone heavier. I might have slowed him down though he said he was the one who slowed me down hahaha.

(Shared reps with partner)
50-40-30-20-10 (of each exercise)
Power snatch [(85#)]
Ring dips
Back rack lunges

Took like 40-45min to complete LOL. Over-shot the time a little. Ring dips were the worst. I even decided to use a band all the way; otherwise I probably would not even finish the wod hahaha. Even with the band, I was struggling towards to end T_T


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