CF log 13/12/16 (Tue)

I was lazy so didn’t go for wod yesterday :P Was telling Anny how I feel like I’m getting lazier and it’s harder to wake up in the mornings for wod nowadays hahaha.


100 clean high pulls from hang [15kg]


5 x 3 front squats [2x 60.4kg, 2x 65.4kg, 70.4kg]

3 x 2 power clean [46.8kg, 2x 56.8kg]
2 x 3 clean high pull [59.3kg] – supposed to be 3 sets lol

My clean high pulls really suck cos I keep hitting my pelvic bone and it hurts so I can’t high pull properly; like hit to hips/use lats all >< Maybe I should go lighter next time… perhaps even lighter than my cleans. Cos actually I don’t think I’m even doing my cleans the right way ^^” Probably using too much biceps; rather than hips/lats :P


30 pull-ups
30 KB swings [(24kg)]
30 push press [(95#)]
30 TTB
30 box jumps

Legs were dying at the end, push presses were quite shag lol. The wod was for time, but no idea how long I took :P

Breakfast at toast box with Anny after wod! No more such breakfasts once my work starts next year T_T


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