CF log 16/12/16 (Fri)

Strength day with back squats, RDL, strict and bench press.

3 of us (Anny, Whitney, myself) shared a barbell for the squats today. So we ended up taking really long. We didn’t even rest that much/take our time for transitions! So idk why it somehow took up so much time?! While others have moved on to RDLs, we were still at our last 5 sets of 1 rep lol :P When we eventually got to RDLs and were only half way through them, everyone else was already at bench/strict press hahaha.

It was supposed to be the usual 15:00 EMOM 5-3-1 squats. But cos we had 3 to a bar, it was wayyyy off an EMOM. So I’m just gonna write it like that today hahaha –

5 x 5 back squats [2x 60.8kg, 3x 64.9kg]
5 x 3 back squats [74.4kg]
5 x 1 back squats [78.5kg to 92.6kg] – really 90+ kg??? tbc lol.

10:00 EMOM 10 RDLs [(125#)] – did 8 reps mostly; only 3 sets were 10 

Strict press [24.1kg to 38.1kg]
Bench press [33.6kg to 45.2kg] – felt that this was damn cui today ><

Celebrated Luke’s birthday (belated) this morning! Everyone had a slice of blueberry cheesecake from Cedele :) Anny said I kept thinking of the cake while doing my bench that’s why I couldn’t do it properly today LOL. Cos everyone was done with the wod but 3 of us were still  benching >< Only ended at 815/820am D:


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