CF log 17/12/16 (Sat)

Needa log today’s wod before I fly off to HK tmr! :D Quite exciteddd hehe. Wasn’t a partner wod today anyway >< But still, last day wodding with Anny in 2016! T_T


5 x 2 OHS [46.8kg to 2x 55.8kg]


10:00 death by deadlifts [(75kg)]
10:00 death by hang power clean
10:00 death by pull-ups

I did the cleans, then deadlifts, then pull-ups. Deadlifts were actually the worst for me, but still not thaaat bad. At least I could string them up to about 7/8? Anyway, the cleans started off as rx 85#, but I think coach saw that it looked too easy and she increased it to 95# lol. So I was doing 85# till about the 7th round (7 reps) then 95# for the rest (8 to 10 reps).


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