CF log 29/12/16 (Thu)

Did yesterday morning’s wod this morning cos Cindee wanted to do it so coach asked if I wanted too :D Well, it sounded fun and intense so I said yes! xD We did the wod first then the other warm-up/strength/skill stuff.


5 rounds –
1 “Cindy” (5 pull-up, 10 push-up, 15 air squats)
1 round “DT” (12 deadlifts, 9 h.p. clean, 6 jerks @ [105#])

I like doing “DT”; one of my fave wods! Took about 24-25min for the whole wod.

Then the other stuff that was done yesterday (excluding the 10-1 burpees + run thing).

8 rounds –
10 GHD

I took about the same amount of time for this (or more) as for the wod LOL.


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