CF log 31/12/16 (Sat)

Last day of 2016. Day 366/366.

BX took class while I partnered Xin today haha. A bit stressful actually; but in the end it was ok la :)


120 push-ups
EMOM 5 air squats
*time cap 10min

I think I took about 7+/8min? But my push-ups towards the end was not very legit; I felt haha. Xin was counting for me. After that we swapped; I counted for her while she did. Hers was definitely legit (and looked better than mine) hahaha.


3 rounds with a partner –
1 lap farmer’s carry (~200m) [(24kg per side)]
30 OHS [(95#)]
1 lap farmer’s carry
30 box jumps

The OHS was INSANE (so wobbly/shoulders cannot hold?!) after all that push-ups for warm-up and the strict/bench presses I did yesterday! I tried both the narrow and wide grip and it’s still the narrow grip that works better for me. Broke up my share of OHS to 10-5 until the last round was 8-7. Deceivingly simple wod but really quite shag. The OHS were really the worst haha.


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