CF log 01/01/17 (Sun)

FIRST DAY OF THE NEW YEAR :D As with the past 2 years, started with a good workout! And as with the past 2 years, it’s the same workout. And again, as with the past 2 years, I still can’t do my ring dips well T_T It was banded all the way this year… (esp cos my chest was aching so much from all those push ups ytd!)

“PARTY WITH THE GIRLS 2017” (also 2015 and 2016 lol). I think I took 50-55min?


What’s different this year – only David and I from chaokeng gang did the wod today¬†hahaha. There were many more friends last year! And even 2 years ago; albeit a slightly different group of friends. Well, things change~

Still a fun and great time wodding this year! Makes me feel like I had a healthy start to 2017 HAHA. (But my breakfast was tapioca cake so… :P)

Anyway, hoping that 2017 will be a good crossfit year for me! In other words, I can still make it for classes regularly (with my new job), and improve in my movements (e.g. rings dips, get ONE muscle up!).


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