CF log 09/01/17 (Mon)

Monday blues are real. But it’s not as bad as my previous job haha.

Anyway, it was such a killer wod today I could not even keep up with it >< I actually feel like I’m getting weaker :( Is it a sign of age boohoo T_T Or am I just starting to give up too easily these days…

I don’t think we had a strength/skill component. More like a warm-up.

10:00 alt EMOM –
10 OHS [(65#)]
30 DUs


30:00 alt EMOM –
5 thrusters [(105#)]
10 KB swing [(24kg)]
5 deadlift [(185#)]

I only did an average of 3 thrusters and 3 deadlifts every round >< I even missed a round of deadlifts D: My lower back was just dying from the KB swings.


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