CF log 11/01/17 (Wed)

My open blister is not recovered and it hurts when I grip T_T


12:00 EMOM 1 power snatch + 1 OHS [33.1kg to 47.2kg]

Think I did at least 4 sets at the final weight! I felt as if coach stopped the timer at 10:00 instead of 12 though hmm ><

12:00 alt EMOM –
10 pistols (5L,5R)


3 rounds –
10-cal bike
10 DB snatches (5L,5R) [(20kg)]
10 C2B

Supposed to finish in 12:00 cos we had to rotate exercises every 12:00 haha. But I prolly took about 13:00/13:00+? I started my snatches about a minute late haha. Did the wod first, then snatches, then HSPU stuff. Anyway, open blister really hurt a lot doing those C2Bs >< Could not string as much as I wanted.

So happy that Anny is back today! I have a partner again :D And I have free snacks hehehe xD



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