CF log 16/01/17 (Mon)


5 x 10 split jerk footwork [15kg]


6 sets clean complex –
3-position clean (hi-hang, hang, above knee) + 1 push press
+ 3-position clean + 1 push jerk
+ 3-position clean + 1 split jerk
[28.6kg, 3x 33.6kg, 2x 37.7kg]

I intended to stick to 33.6kg all the way LOL. But coach saw Anny and I doing and went “what is this” then told us to go add the 10#. Ok lor T_T upper arms/lats were dying esp for the last 3-position cleans for each set.


6 rounds –
1:00 10 OH lunges (5L,5R) [(65#)]
1:00 30 DU
1:00 3 pull-up + 3 ring dip (rx: 1 MU)

Chose to do pull-ups and ring dips instead of 3 jumping bar MUs haha. Too shag :P


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