CF log 23/01/17 (Mon)

Updating this at work while I still have some free time, and while the civil service still allows internet access :P hahaha.


10-1 pull-ups
Lateral HS walk against wall after every round (rx: HS walk)

My first lap of the walk was DAMN SLOW lol. I think I could not get the hang of it yet and could not coordinate properly ^^” It got better in the subsequent rounds though! At least I finished around the same time as some other people and wasn’t the last hehe :) But for all those walks, I felt like I had difficulty breathing esp towards the end of each lap lol.

6 x 2 front squat [60.4kg, 2x 65.4kg, 69.4kg, 71.9kg, 74.4kg]


15 power snatch [(95#)]
800m row
12 power snatch [(95#)]
600m row
9 power snatch [(95#)]
400m row

Took about 25min I think. Finished slightly after 8 then had to rush to shower and leave hahaha. My lower back was so ‘suan’ when I was done. Oh, and I kinda broke a plate when I dropped it from the snatch…. oops >< But I think it was falling out already so erm, didn’t get scolded ^^”

Wow, it has been raining non-stop since last night…. I entered office just in time before the rain got mad heavy. Almost 11am now, and the rain is still damn heavy lol ><


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