CF log 30/01/17 (Mon)

Last day of the long CNY hols T_T Back to life tmr (sad)!

It’s a partner wod again! :D

With a partner –
88 rounds –
2 squat cleans [(105#)]
3 burpees

Anny and I took about 51:30 to finish. It was supposed to 100 rounds but coach scaled it down to 88 towards the end… cos it didn’t seem like anyone could finish all 100 within the hour hahaha. When she announced the drop to 88 rounds, Anny and I were already at round 84 so we were so happy that yayy only 2 more rounds each! Haha :D

Anyway, the HSPUs were supposed to be strict, but we did kipping all the way. I can’t do a single strict ^^”

Went for breakfast at Yakun (finally open!) with Carlos, David and Anny later! Food was shiok after this wod :D


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