CF log 01/02/17 (Wed)

Feb! The first month of 2017 flew by pretty quickly ><

Anyway was pretty hesitant to wake up for wod this morning cos I slept later than usual last night so not enough sleep for me T_T hahaha. But decided to go anyway cos I ate so much last night(!!!) and I have no other activities today except going to work :( Need some social life/fun stuff haha.


10:00 alt EMOM –
4 power snatch [28.6kg to 37.7kg]

I wanted to just do 28.6kg all the way (65#)…. then I noticed Whitney was doing 37.7kg all the way :O hence the weight increment hahaha.


5 rounds –
10 power clean [(95#)]
10 burpees

4 rounds –
6 power clean [(105#)]
6 burpees

3 rounds –
4 power clean [(125#)]
4 burpees

Took slightly more than 24min I think? The first 5 rounds I was doing cleans in 3s and 2s :P Then the next 4 at 105#, I actually managed to string all 6 for the last 2 rounds :D And when we finally got to 125#, I was doing singles until I realised I could string 2 at a time hehe. Quite happy la.

Whitney was damn fast though! I think she already finished when Anny and I were still at the 1st or 2nd round of the last 3 rounds :O

Anyway, I quite enjoyed the wod though quite tiring… cos cleans hehehe :P


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