CF log 02/02/17 (Thu)

Surprisingly… strength day today!

But the strength day rep scheme is slightly modified again haha.

15:00 EMOM back squat –
5:00 5 reps [4x 60.8kg, 64.9kg]
5:00 3 reps [2x 69.9kg, 3x 74kg]
5:00 1 rep [79kg, 83kg, 3x 88kg]

Bench press –
30 reps (95#) [85#]
20 reps (105#) [95#]
10 reps (105#) – didn’t do cos ran out of time :P

Deadlift –
30 reps [(155#)] – 10-10-10
20 reps [(175#)] – 7-7-6
10 reps [(195#)] – 5-5

Was quite surprised I could do 5 reps at 195# haha! Cos in one of the wods last week, I was using alternate grip and struggling so bad at that weight! Then again, maybe it’s cos it was part of a wod. But still…. quite happy I managed to string 5 at a time and it didn’t feel super hard haha (just thumb kinda painful cos hook grip).


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