CF log 05/02/17 (Sun)


8 x 2 front squat [60.4kg to 2x 79kg]


12:00 alt EMOM –
5/10 HSPU [did 10-9 then 8 for the rest]
5/10 ring dip [did 5 per round]

1:00 rest

12:00 alt EMOM –
5 hang power clean [(105#)]
5 push jerk [(105#)]

Tbh this was more shag than I thought it would be lol. Quite a workout! The HSPUs and ring dips fried my shoulders/arms and going into the jerks was D: As I was doing jerks, I aimed to do them as fast as possible to get more rest; rest was my only motivation LOL. And.. I managed to string all 5 jerks for 12 rounds! :D


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