CF log 12/02/17 (Sun)

10-1 thrusters [(105#)]
1 lap of prowler after each round

I’m sure the prowlers were at least 60-70kg >< There were three 45#/20kg plates stacked on 2 of them, and the 3rd one had 2 of those plates but there was more friction pushing it. Quite crazy cos we usually only push prowlers with two 45#/20kg plates on them. And this time, it was the same weight pushed for guys and girls D:

Surprisingly, thrusters were not as bad as I thought??? Idk why but I feel like I’ve been able to sustain heavy weights better recently… haha :P I could actually string 5 of those 105# thrusters when usually 3 would already be a push.

The prowlers were really the hard part of this workout to me haha. Legs/hams all gone after each lap and I take damn long to recover/start my thrusters again lol :P But still finished by the time the hour of class was up, so ok! :D


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