CF log 13/02/17 (Mon)

Start of another weeeek. And today will most likely be the only weekday I’m wodding T_T Needa pack tonight for camp from Wed to Fri… so doubt I’ll be able to wake up on time tmr :P (got rcia on tues night so confirm no time to pack :/)


3 x 3 back squat @ 80%  [74.4kg]
3 x 3 squat snatch @ 80% [46.8kg]

Took so long to be able to get 3 reps of the snatches. First 2 times I tried at that weight kept missing my 2nd reps; got the bar overhead but lost balance each time >< Then I was like if I don’t make 3 snatches the 3rd time, I’m gonna drop to 95# (42.7kg) lol. And I made it! So did the remaining 2 sets at that weight lo :P The very last rep of my last set of snatches was soooo unstable though haha.


50 wall balls [(6kg)]
40 DB squat cleans [(15kg per side)]
30-cal row
20 C2B

Took almost 20min, but still finished before class ended so had time to rest (shiok lol). The DB cleans were the worst >< Back and legs were so tired after that though it was just 15kg DBs :/


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