CF log 20/02/17 (Mon)

Start of a new week and back to work after 3d2n camp last week. SIGH work D:

But good to start the day with cf :D Though really quite tired this morning cos couldn’t sleep till 12+ last night… meaning I only slept less than 5 hours T_T

So anywayyy,


8 x 1 squat C&J [46.8kg to 65.8kg]

I did split jerks. Didn’t hit my current 1RM though (think short of 2.5kg)! But that 65kg felt ok today.. not a super great 1RM kind of struggle hahaha.

4 x 2 clean high pull from ground [55.8kg]

I just can’t clean high pull for nuts LOL. It just keeps hitting my pelvic bone too hard ><

5 x 2 back squat [69.4kg to 88kg]
1 x 1 back squat [92.1kg]


5 rounds –
20 DUs
10 GHD
5 MUs [did 10 pull-up + 10 ring dip; last round did 10 jumping bar MU]


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