CF log 25/02/17 (Sat)

Damn shag today cos I did double wod; together with Anny.

First, it was wod in the usual 9am class. We did a modified version of 17.1 while those who signed up did the actual one (of course).

What we did in class:

“17.1” (modified) –
Power snatch [(65#)]
10 burpee box jumps after each round [24″]

Shared the bar with Anny, I finished in 30:48. It was tiring ><

After wod, went to watch those who signed up do the actual 17.1, then Anny and I felt like doing too hahaha.

SO WE DID. After we rested at least half an hour, and everyone who signed up was done with their turn. We did the wod side by side; it was good to have someone to pace!

“17.1” (actual) –
DB snatches (alternating hand) [(15kg)]
15 burpee box jump over [(20″)]

Both of us managed to finish within the time cap! :D I finished in 19:26, and Anny 19:59. YAY! Really damn tired after doing now haha. Thankful for all the cheers and support we got! Esp could hear Shawn and Whitney’s encouragements haha.

We finally understood why some of those we watched were starting to do “strict” DB snatches (e.g. not using legs to jump/get under)… cos it is damn shag! Need to save your legs for the burpee part xD And actually towards the end I was so “annoyed” that I had to keep bending so low to snatch the dumbbell up LOL #tallpeopleproblems

As I did the wod, I also found out that although, theoretically, it’s really good to keep low for the jump overs, but having to squat on the box and cross over made your legs tired after a while. So I really wanted to stand! There was some reps I stood a little higher, or after jumping off from the box stood and rested a while before I resumed burpees lol.


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