CF log 06/03/17 (Mon)

My butt still hurts from all those lunges in the weekend. Better than yesterday though!


30 wall balls
30 SDLHP [(85#)]
30 box jumps
30 push press [(85#)]
30-cal row
30 push ups
30 body weight back squats [60.4kg]

My weight fluctuates from 60-62kg so I just did 60kg squats since the bar was already loaded as such when Anny did it. Maybe I should have added another 2.5kg on each side huh :P Oh well haha.


5 x 6 clusters [(85#)]

Did after the wod today cos finished wod too fast lol. Instead of 5 x 6, ended up doing 3 x 5 then 2 x 6 then finished up the last 3 reps >< 6 reps a set was a mental challenge! At least I managed 2 “proper” sets la.


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