CF log 07/01/17 (Tue)

Took so so much effort to get out of bed today haha. Just didn’t feel like going esp since my workout partner won’t be there. But I just thought of the crazy amount of snacks I ate post-dinner the night before (ice-cream, stick biscuits, wafer biscuits, chocolates…) and I’m like – I HAVE TO GO lol. Rest is for tomorrow if I really want to :P

So I went lor.


3 x 3 back squats [69.4kg, 78.5kg, 87.6kg]

6 x 2 squat snatch [37.7kg to 51.8kg]
4 x 4 snatch high pull from ground [51.8kg to 60.8kg]

Last set of snatches and snatch high pull felt really close to my limit.


2 rounds –
3 power snatch [(95#)]
7 pull-ups + 7 ring dips (rx: ring MUs)

2 rounds –
9 power clean [(95#)]
12 front squat
15 C2B

Was an ok wod. Somehow the power snatches felt kinda heavy? And I am so not used to the snatch grip OHS, so thankfully it was just 5 reps haha. Did strict pull ups for the scaled down version of MUs.

I realised sometimes my C2Bs don’t have my chest touching the bar, but I do pull myself high enough (bar below collar bone)… is it a rep lol?


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