CF log 25/03/17 (Sat)

Only went for cf today cos it’s the day to try out 17.5. I’ve been sick since Thursday and have not fully recovered :( In fact, it may have got worse since I lost my voice just this morning lol. BUT I don’t have a fever anymore, and my sore throat is less painful… so idk? It’s like I traded my sore throat and fever for no voice :P

So anyway, back to the point.

I did 17.5 today.

10 rounds –
9 thrusters [(65#)]
35 DUs
*40:00 time cap

Finished only at 21:31. Or something ridiculously slow like that lol. At the 3rd or 4th round I already felt like giving up cos I was sooo tired?? Maybe the oxygen/air wasn’t circulating properly within me cos I was still sick. And it didn’t help that 17.5 has both my weakest movements in it D: At some point early in the workout, I felt like vomiting too but decided to just press on and try to complete it. Though the vomiting feeling did go away, the whole workout still felt like shit cos I was unusually tired mentally and physically lol.

So I’m gonna redo it on Monday if I recover from this sore throat thing… otherwise, just gonna submit this sucky score haha. Not like I’ll be making it to the regionals anyway :P


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