CF log 27/03/17 (Mon)

Redid 17.5 even though I was still kinda sick lol. In fact, I woke up with my body feeling a bit warm again; as though a slight fever, but I know it’s not lol. Apparently, it’s just me being really heaty (according to my parents… and the thermometer says I’m well too)???

But anyway, the point is, I redid the wod and it still sucked sobsob. I conclude that it’s not really my sickness but just my DUs being all sucky. And MY CARDIO. I think it’s getting worse :( HOW. I feel like I’m getting worse at cf haha ><

10 rounds –
9 thrusters [(65#)]
35 DUs

So erm, ended up with a timing of 20:14… like whut lol. Not even sub-20?!! (though it’s about 1:15 less than my previous timing). Oh well. What a disappointment D:


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