CF log 30/03/17 (Thu)

Thought it was gonna be strength day, but turned out to be a wod haha. Not complaining though! I prefer wods :P And idk why it just felt like 2 wods today lol.


21:00 EMOM (one exercise per min) –
5 power snatch [85#]
100m shuttle run (I’m guessing is about 100m la haha)

Broke up the snatches to 2-1-1-1, and later rounds to 3-1-1; never 5 haha. And it’s ok cos I feel like it’s sufficiently heavy and I still have time to rest? And… I managed to do 10 HSPUs every round!! :D Started out quite lousy but from the 4th/5th round onwards I just strung 10 :D


35-cal bike

5 rounds –
10 burpees
10 TTB

35-cal row

Was not too bad a wod I think! :)


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